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Our motto is "Same Day, No Hassle Adoptions!", however, we do carefully screen the homes where our pets are placed. The requirements for a prospective home vary depending on the type of animal you wish to adopt (cat or kitten, puppy, small or large breed dog). 

We try to spay/neuter any adoptive animal before it is placed, but if an animal is placed before this has been done, it will be required as soon as the animal is old enough, as per the adoption contract. No exceptions will be made.Contact us here.


We are a small volunteer-based rescue organization who work only with approved foster homes. We do not have a facility to board or house animals, and are therefore very limited in the number of animals we can house at any time. Please understand that if we are unable to take in an animal you wish to give up, it is not for lack of caring, but simply due to a lack of space. We try to save as many animals as we can, and strongly believe in the promotion of spaying / neutering of household pets to combat pet overpopulation.

Where you can find us?

For Paws Rescue at PetSmart Newnan, GA. every Saturday from 12:30 PM through 5:00 PM. Come out to see all the rescued animals by our group. They would love to have you visit with them. Donations, foster parents are needed too.

 Feel free to visit us:

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Contact us:

By Phone: 770-683-6464 

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